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The Arma Clan is a relatively new clan that has recently begun to rise in strength due to their unique weaponry. The clan itself resides in an obscure location near the western hemisphere of the Soul Society. Members from this clan, led by Erzaria Arma, have a long standing hatred for the members of the Satonaka Clan, due to the Arma believing that the Satonaka stole thier place as one of more known families as well as taking away their princess and next heir Tiriel Arma.

Thanks to Judal Arma, the clan has been able to develop their mastery at crafting weapons have even surpassed the skill of those from the Kasumiōji Clan, as they have furthered the craft by making "Parasitic Weapons" that can feed on an opponent's life force during battle as well as continually evolving through growth. His scientific mind has led to the development of a majority of the equipment used by those in the Arma Clan and even works to continue a new weapon based on that of two relatively unknown species.


Parasitic Weapons: are a unique type of weaponry created within the Arma Clan that each possesses highly destructive properties, despite their mundane appearances. These weapons are unique in the fact that they possess abilities of their own, yet also possess a secondary ability to negate the various manipulation abilities found in the Satonaka Clan, depending on the user's wishes. Consisting of draining the user's life energy instead of spiritual energy in order to grant their wielder an increase in power, these weapons act as leeches on their host's physical bodies, constantly draining them of energy. The prolonged usage of one of these weapons have led to many members falling into a comatose state, however recent developments have now allowed the Clan to develop a fail-safe to prevent this by cutting off the connection to the weapon, causing it to "die" and detach itself.


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