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"Honorable maiden of blades."
Fūka Satonaka
Name Fūka Satonaka
Kanji 里中 風花
Romanji Satonaka Fuuka
Race Soul
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Eyes Amber
Hair Brown
Professional Status
Affiliation Satonaka Clan
Hama Town
Hama University
Occupation Shinigami
Second-Year Hama University Student
Previous Occupation Student at Hama Weapons Academy
Team Satonaka Clan
Partner Miroku Satonaka
Base of Operations Hama Town
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education Hama Weapons Academy
Hama University(In Progress)
Family Miroku Satonaka(Older Brother)
Status Active
Shikai Senkatsu
Bankai Senkatsu Enikaitamochi

Fūka Satonaka (里中 風花 Satonaka Fuuka Lit. "Wind Flower, Inside the Village) is a Shinigami of the Satonaka Clan and a current resident of Hama Town along with her elder brother, Miroku Satonaka. She is currently studying in Hama University, in an attempt to gain a degree in both Psychology and Criminal Law, as a means to further her own career. Occasionally, she assists her brother in complex medical procedures, having been taught by him at a younger age. She is noted quite readily for her mastery over Zanjutsu.



Fūka's General Appearance.

Fūka has taken care to distinguish herself as an individual after running away from her foster household. Due to this, it can be seen that Fūka regularly adorns a very serious expression, and commonly stands proudly rather than sullenly. Fūka is a determined, focused woman, who wishes nothing more than to achieve her ambitions, something reflected in her general appearance quite easily.

Most apparent within Fūka's appearance is her height. She is shown to be tall enough to be a match for most men, leaving some to be slightly deterred in flirting with her, which is all the better for Fūka. Fūka also shows to have a rather trim figure, but her curves are quite pronounced, particularly her bust-size, which cannot be hidden despite her loose-fit clothing. If her clothing is accidentally ripped within battle, it can also be seen that her abdomen is quite toned, and that she has worked out significantly to gain particularly high physical strength. Furthermore, Fūka's hair has grown out quite well. It is a orange-like brown color, being naturally wavy, and rarely styled. To some extent, it appears rather messy, which doesn't matter much to Fūka. To complement her hair color, Fūka has daunting amber eyes, which are focused and narrow in almost all situations.

In terms of attire, Fūka prefers loose-fit, casual clothing. She will never go out of her way to dress in a peculiar fashion, and will wear whatever is available to her in the situation. One of her more preferred outfits is a simple lavender top-skirt that covers from her collar-bones all the way down to her lower-thighs. It has a slight v-neck, and due to the belt tied at her torso, it makes her bust-size slightly more pronounced. It is long-sleeved, the sleeves being slightly puffed near the forearm, and having darker purple lining at the bottom of the skirt. For footwear, Fūka is seen wearing a calf-length pair of black boots which help her to move in almost any environment.




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Powers and Abilities


Fūka utilizing her ability.

Nature Manipulation: Kyōkai Yōsohō (境界要素法 Boundary Element Method):

Zanjutsu Master


Senkatsu (戦喝 War-Shout):

Shikai Special Ability:
  • Bankai: Senkatsu Enikaitamochi (戦喝絵に描いた餅 War-Shout, Castle in the Air):


Behind the Scenes