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 Hollow-Human Hybrid (虚 (ホロウ)-人間の雑種 Horō Ningen no Zasshu) are Humans who can utilize Hollow powers. They are rare, as well as few and in between, but can be seen as the direct opposite to Shinigami-Human Hybrids like Ichigo Kurosaki and Kūgo Ginjō.


Hollow Human Hybrids can be seen as a subset of High-Spec Humans like Tatsuki Arisawa or Keigo Asano, but again are more the direct opposite of Shinigami-Human hybrids (who can be seen as the highest tier of High-Spec Humans). Hollow-Human Hybrids, unlike Fullbringers (who are Humans whose mothers were attacked by Hollows before they were born) utilize Hollow powers in their method of combat. There is also no fixed method of a Hollow-Human hybrid being created. Every hybrid to date, with the exception of Kyoko and Ezekiel, hasve been shown being created in a different manner.

Out of all the Human hybrids, Hollow-Human hybrids have the longest lives, making it to 150 years more often than full blooded humans. They also remain in their prime much longer, with Kyoko being in her early 50s and looking as if she is still 20.

Hollow-Human Hybrids do not pass their Hollow powers onto their children, however, children from these hybrids are almost always Fullbringers, or have the capacity to become one. This is due to Hollow reiatsu passing from parent to child. It is notably more common when the Hollow-Human Hybrid is the mother.

Known Hollow-Human Hybrids

"Hollow" Type Evolved Fullbringers