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"Evil, eh? Well, I've been called that before. You see, being in that damned Nest of Maggots made me realize what I was, and what I could be. I dunno about you lot, but I think that the only true way to find out the consequences of one's actions is, simply put, isolating yourself from the world. Objectivity is one's greatest ally, it appears."
— Kurama upon taking the mantle of Vice Kidō Chief

"His ends definitely justify his means."
Kurama Murasame
Name Kurama Murasame
Kanji 村鮫 蔵間
Romanji Murasame Kurama
Race Shinigami
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Unusual Features Vampiric Features(Extended canines, albino-like appearance)
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13
Kidō Corps
Previous Affiliation Unnamed Criminal Organization of Heisekai
Occupation Vice Kidō Chief
Previous Occupation Prisoner at the Nest of Maggots
Criminal of Heisekai
Team Kidō Corps
Previous Team Unnamed
Partner Unnamed Kidō Corps Commander
Previous Partner Unnamed
Base of Operations Seireitei
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education Shin'ō Academy
Family Unnamed(Deceased)
Status Active
Shikai Meikyū

Kurama Murasame (村鮫 蔵間 Murasame Kurama) is the current Vice Kidō Chief (副鬼道長 Fukō Kidōchū) of the Kidō Corps and is regarded as a highly skilled Kidō Master, whose prowess is only a few notches below the Kidō Corps Commander, who is currently left a mystery. Kurama was a former inhabitant of Heisekai; specifically, he was part of a revolutionary organization who attempted a coup d'état against the reigning Queen. However, as a result of his failure, he was expelled by the organization into Soul Society, and eventually was imprisoned by the Onmitsukidō. After serving a period of detention in the Nest of Maggots, he eventually was able to find a way to be allowed freedom, on the conditions that he would serve as a "tool" to the Gotei. Though recently, his loyalty has been established quite clearly.



Kurama's General Appearance.




Powers and Abilities

Spiritual Abilities

Kidō Master

As a member of the Kidō Corps, as well as its current Vice Kidō Chief, it is evident that Kurama holds extensive mastery over Kidō. His skills are regarded quite highly by even Captain-level combatants. Unlike other Kidō practitioners, however, his skills lie most majorly in the theoretical prowess. This is mainly due to his reluctance to utilize any conventional offensive Kidō. For this reason, his skills are never fully expounded upon.

General Kidō Prowess & Tactics: Like most contemporaries before him; Kurama has shown the use of excellent application when employing his Kidō. Even among Heisekain standards, his utilization of the art was considered to be highly advanced. Back then, Kurama was rarely hesitant in the employment of offensive-based Kidō, mainly due to his rather fearsome personality. After being "tamed" due to his endeavors in prison, Kurama very rarely is shown to utilize destructive methods, preferring to employ barriers as much as possible. In terms of fighting style, Kurama tends to regard his enemies with great restraint. Passively he will gauge his enemies strengths, weaknesses and various openings that are present within their fighting style before formulating an effective tactic to bind them and subdue them to powerful illusions as to allow them to be imprisoned. If such a situation is unable to be brought about, Kurama directly translates all of his defense into an overwhelming offense. Though it'd initially be minor, his ferocity would increase every consecutive assault, eventually causing his opponents to wither into ashes. Likewise, his theoretical knowledge over Kidō and Reiryoku generally comes into play during battle. Such skills are particularly evident when the opponent is someone with a formidable ability such as the Quincy; his application of theory into a real-life situation is by far considered his most excelling attribute, and the reason why he was apparently so hard to kidnap by the Onmitsukidō.

Master of Seals & Barriers:

  • Dankū (斷空, Splitting Void)

Bakudō Master:

Master of Illusions:

List of Original Spells:


Kurama's activation of Dokōrin.


Kurama's use of Tenkyūgi.



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