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"Pride, honor, boundaries, and principles; they're all good things, but only in certain circumstances. When the clock strikes zero, you must understand that everything revolves around the protection of Soul Society. Nobody cares about what you believe, Central 46. That is my role here, to make sure that your decisions do not disturb the fabric of the Soul Society that we built."
— Tōmaru's declaration to the Central 46

"Administration of deceit."
Tōmaru Jinruishi
Central 46 | Chijingodai
Name Tōmaru Jinruishi
Kanji 人類死 遠丸
Romanji Jinruishi Tōmaru
Race Soul
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 5'7
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Professional Status
Affiliation Central 46
Occupation Central 46 Member
Kaze of Chijingodai
Previous Occupation Gotei 13 Captain
Team Chijingodai
Previous Team Unnamed Division
Partner Tsubaki
Base of Operations Seireitei
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education Shino Academy
Status Active
Shikai Fūmon
Bankai Fūmon Meikushi

Tōmaru Jinruishi (人類死 遠丸 Jinruishi Tōmaru; Lit. "Humanity's Death, Distant Circle") is one of the Central 46, and despite his young appearance, has been there since the organization's initial foundings. He was one of the earlier Captains of the Gotei 13, and was chosen to make sure that the Central 46 adhere to their roles. He is the main benefactor of Tsubaki, and as well as this, is a member of the Chijingodai, acting as its "Kaze" (風 Wind) representative.



Tōmaru outside of his robes.

Tōmaru bears the appearance of a young man in his teenage years despite his relatively advanced age in a similar manner to child prodigy Toshiro Hitsugaya. Nonetheless, Tōmaru holds the air of a mature individual, mainly because of the responsibilities handed to him, and has constantly been treated like an equal by others. He is of relatively short height and a lean build, which along with his fair skin and almost bishōnen features make him look harmless to the standard individual. Along with this, Tōmaru's most distinct features are his head of maroon hair, the tattoo on his head reading Ai (愛, Love) and his strange eyebags, which take an appearance quite similar to mascara. 

In terms of attire, Tōmaru wears a variant of the standard Shinigami's Shihakusho, his being a maroon color and somewhat tighter and more form-fitting. The kosode has long sleeves, reaching down to his palms, and the hakama appear more akin to modern slacks than anything else. At his feet, he has white tabi and waraji, the tabi being almost bandage-like in their appearance. Finally, he wears a double-breasted, khaki-colored jacket with his released zanpakutō situated behind it, strapped with a large piece of red fabric. When conducting his roles in the Central 46, he wears a white haori emblazoned with green lining and a symbol showing the kanji for Kaze, and a similarly designed diamond-shaped hat, albeit with green being the dominant color.




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