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"Your ability to talk is profound, sir. But might I inform you, I asked you a question which you have not yet responded to. What exactly is my current role?"
— Tsubaki to Kagura

"Scentless flower, scentless blood."
Name Tsubaki
Kanji 椿
Romanji Camellia Flower
Race Soul
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Eyes Purple
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Kagura
Previous Affiliation Central 46
Occupation Mercenary
Team Kagura and compatriots.
Partner Kagura
Vincenzo Montferrand
Previous Partner Tōmaru Jinruishi
Base of Operations Kōhai Tochi(Previous)
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education Unnamed
Family Unnamed
Status Active
Shikai Majisujō
Bankai Not Yet Achieved

Tsubaki (椿 Camellia Flower), otherwise regarded as Hikuyū (惹く有 Captivating Existence) is a mercenary of great repute who has been hired by Tōmaru Jinruishi of the Central 46 a number of times for a variety of missions. Recently, she is affiliated with Kagura and his group; her mission among them is to make sure Kenji Hiroshi, Kusaka Kori, Ino Choyo and Kazuma Nishiki are all secured within Kōhai Tochi. It is unknown if she bears any supreme allegiance.



Tsubaki's mission attire

Tsubaki is a woman who embodies her name. Within and throughout, Tsubaki possesses absolutely no traits that would cause her to be 'out of the ordinary'. Her fair skin is quite common around girls of her heritage, whatever that may be, and her stature is also quite average. A build that is both slim, yet athletic and ready for anything, is one that Tsubaki holds. Finally; one notices her rather dark purple eyes, though they are again, easily a common trait. Her black locks that roll down to her chest flow in the air, but keep within the theme of being ordinary among everybody else. After all, a necessity that an assassin must have is the advantage of surprise. This advantage is one that Tsubaki has never lacked within her career, a fact that many are aware of.

Tsubaki, on most missions has a variety of attires. Because of her occupation, Tsubaki tends to adapt her dressing to the mission and client themselves. Sometimes she would wear a school uniform, other times a dancer's Yukata, the possibilities are quite endless! But usually underneath all this extravagance is an attire formulated for battle, and battle alone. Tsubaki wears a black, long-sleeved kosode over a set of very light chainmail. A large obi sash is tied at her torso, securing her black hakama, whilst another few pairs of bandages are wrapped around her legs and arms, along with a pair of black tabi and waraji at her feet for stability. It appears that within this outfit, she is capable of holding a large amount of her equipment. Though how she does so, is a mystery to most.




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Part I

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Powers and Abilities

Tsubaki is an extremely fearsome combatant. Her repertoire of skills, along with her tremendous skill in the ability of planning and adaptation provides even those with Captain-level spiritual energy and combat prowess a highly difficult time engaging in any form of combat with her. This extends to a variety of species, including those with Hollow powers, and even unique humans. While she generally holds a relatively proficient amount of skill in the number of aspects of Shinigami combat, her most defining traits definitely stem for her adaptive nature in combat, expressed highly prominently through her personality assessment of any individual.

Physical Abilities

Mixed Martial Artist Proficiency

Hohō Master

Spiritual Abilities

Spiritual Prowess & Control


Majisujō (蠱素性 Identity that Bewilders) is an unorthodox zanpakutō by the standards of the various Asauchi that exist within the Soul Society, as created by Ōetsu Nimaiya. It is unknown how hers attained such a form, but it appeared to be like that from the beginning, indicating that the creator of the zanpakutō purposefully created a few unorthodox Asauchi as a forms of experimentation. Though the validity of this statement isn't known, and Tsubaki doesn't wish to question it either. Majisujō's spirit is regarded quite highly as a fearsome woman, whose very existence serves to spurn and irritate Tsubaki, whilst moving her forward to develop an identity of her own. Despite the conflict the two have with one another regularly, it appears that they both have a mutual understanding with one another, and thus are able to function highly effectively as a duo.

The sealed state of Majisujō appears as an ornamental bokken (木剣 Wood Sword), though it indeed holds formidable combat ability regardless. The wood is polished with a deep black color, using an unnamed substance to do this. Engraved on the barely distinguishable hilt of the bokken is a four-character idiom read as 十人十色. The kanji read Jūnintoiro, which can be interpreted as several men, several minds, befitting of the occupation that Tsubaki holds, despite the coincidence on Nimaiya's part. Across the blade of the bokken, there holds a variety of vine-like markings, and when Ōibon is active, these glow faintly, appearing akin to a white color, contrasting the light blue the rest of the bokken shows.

Shikai Special Ability:
  • Bankai: Not Yet Achieved. However, Majisujō comments on how quickly Tsubaki is learning to understand the theory behind the achievement of Bankai, believing it not to be long before she may employ it.


Behind the Scenes